GUMC Leadership Board

In November of 2018 a Church Conference approved moving our leadership governance from a committee structure to a single Leadership Board.  The first Leadership Board was put in place in 2019.  This Board consists of 13 leaders of the church and is responsible for all the areas of oversight required in the UMC Book of Discipline, including Finance, Staff-Parish Relations, Trustees, and Nominations.

This structure frees the Lay Leadership of the church to be involved in more mission and outreach opportunities, instead of spending their valuable time in meetings. It also formally devolves the day-to-day operations of the church onto the Pastors and Staff, who will in turn be responsible to the Board. The Board will not be setting the vision of the church, that will continue to be developed organically by the Staff and Lay Leadership, but the Board will oversee the effective implementation of the church's vision.

The Board will be responsible to the congregation through constant engagement and participation in the life of the church as a whole, and will submit a budget each year to the Charge Conference for church approval.

Those selected to serve on the Leadership Board will covenant with the church, and with one another, for being committed to the values and practices of the Board. For a copy of the covenant, please see the link below.

GUMC Leadership Board Covenant

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