Youth Events

This year's retreat will be November 10th-12th. The registration cost for youth this year is $75 and, as always, there's no charge for our adult leaders. If you'd like to register, the link to the registration is at the bottom of this page!

What Is Re-Kindle?

Re-Kindle is the theme for our fall retreat this year! Rather than it being held here in host homes, like we've done with D-Now in the past, we're heading up to a retreat center for the weekend to really try to Re-Kindle our faith again! Sometimes, we tend to get into  rhythms and patterns in our lives that lead us into a rut. This weekend is a great opportunity to break out of our routine and part of that is a new experience!

Where is it?

This year, we're headed to Bethany Beach, Delaware for the weekend of November 9-11. It'll be a bit chilly so I doubt we'll be getting in the water much but there's a ton to do in this little beachtown. We're walking distance from the boardwalk and there's a ton of neat little shops nearby as well.

The Weekend Itself

The weekend includes 4 worship sessions of various lengths, 4 small group sessions led by the adult leaders, a big group activity on Saturday, and some free time to hang out and enjoy time with your fellow students. We'll meet here immediately after school on the 9th and will be back home to the church by around 3 PM on Sunday the 11th. The 12th is Veteran's Day as well so many of the students will still have that day off to work on homework if they have any for that weekend or spend some time with family!


Our worship sessions will be led by our awesome Adam and Carol Ann along with several members from the band. Our praise band is extremely talented and since most of our students don’t regularly attend our 9:30 service, we want our band to get to know them a bit better and vice versa. We're also bringing in a guest speaker for the weekend as well!

Small Group Sessions:

All students will be given a devotional booklet and the adult leaders will lead their groups through the book.  The devotionals have been put together by Bert.

Adult Supervision:

In keeping with the Child Protection Policy at Gainesville UMC we need to have 2 approved adults with each group of students.  Our goal is to have 2 adults for each 8-12 youth, which limits the size of the groups.


  • Clothes for the weekend
  • Clothes in case it rains/Clothes for the cold!
  • Comfortable shoes (you will be running/walking a bit on Saturday)
  • Appropriate PJs
  • Toiletries (Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shower stuff, etc.)
  • Medicine (must be given to your small group leader with clear instructions on the bag).
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Smartphone (if you have one and if parents approve!)
  • Pillow
  • Bible


  To register, please click here!


 Thanks, we are looking forward to a GREAT weekend!

If you're interested in hosting students and their leaders that weekend, please contact Bert Miller for more information!