Youth Events

This year's retreat will be November 10th-12th. The registration cost this year is $60, and if you're signing up for one of our 2018 Mission Trips, your D-Now registration is included in that deposit. If you'd like to register, the link to the registration is at the bottom of this page!

What Is D-Now?

D-Now stands for Disciple Now, and is a weekend retreat based on the D-Now retreat concepts popular in youth groups around the country.

Where is it?

Our annual D-Now weekend is hosted at the church - and the youth stay at host homes provided by parents and other members of the church. While we may go on outings during the weekend for activities/lunch, the vast majority of the programming is at the church itself.

The Weekend Itself

D-Now stands for Disciple Now, and it is a youth retreat, designed to renew and reconnect our students with God.  The weekend includes 4 worship sessions of various lengths, 4 small group sessions led by the adult leaders, a big group activity on Saturday, and some free time to hang out and enjoy time with your fellow students.


Our worship sessions will be led by our awesome GUMC Praise Band with Adam Ruggieri. Our praise band is extremely talented and since most of our students don’t regularly attend our 9:30 service, we want our band to get to know them a bit better and vice versa.

Small Group Sessions:

All students will be given a devotional booklet and the adult leaders will lead their groups through the book.  The devotionals have been put together by Bert.

Saturday Activity:

Gainesville-wide Instagram Scavenger Hunt!

Adult Supervision:

In keeping with the Child Protection Policy at Gainesville UMC we need to have 2 approved adults with each group of students.  Our goal is to have 2 adults for each 8-12 youth, which limits the size of the groups.


Clothes for the weekend

Clothes in case it rains/Clothes for the cold!

Comfortable shoes (you will be running/walking a bit on Saturday)

Extra Pair of Shoes

Appropriate PJs

Toiletries (Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shower stuff, etc.)

Medicine (must be given to your small group leader with clear instructions on the bag).

Sleeping Bag

Air Mattress or Foam Pad

Smartphone (if you have one and if parents approve!)



May my child miss part of the retreat and then come back?

Yes, although we HIGHLY discourage it.  For general members, we as a youth group try as best as possible to schedule around games, practices, etc.  This is one of only TWO WEEKENDS DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR when I beg you to let our youth group be a priority over other things.  We have found that the child misses items, misses bonding time with the other students, and it is a distraction for both the other students and leaders.  Your child can miss, but it is the parents’ job to transport the student.  We will continue with our schedule, and because of the weekend’s events, we cannot be waiting at certain places for student pickup/drop off.  Again I highly discourage it and ask for your help.


  To register, please click here!


  Thanks, we are looking forward to a GREAT weekend!!

If you're interested in hosting students and their leaders that weekend, please contact Bert Miller for more information!