Local Mission Week Log

Day 5 Devotional and Challenge

Good morning everyone and welcome to the last day of our Online Mission Week! For everyone who has been following along from home over the past few days, thank you so much! I hope everyone has had a week of introspection and purpose as we've all worked on our own but united. Read on for today's morning devo and our final challenge together.


1. Who is your favorite superhero or celebrity? What do you look up to about that figure?
2. When was a time when you wanted to give up? Maybe because you were too tired to keep going, or maybe because you just couldn't figure out what to do next? How did you get past that time?
3. Think of the kinds of things that make you want to quit and then look at what Jesus did when He faced challenges. Make a list you can keep with you to keep going when things are difficult. For example, when Jesus faced temptation to sin, He answered it with Scriptures (Matthew 4). When Jesus felt alone, he spoke with His disciples and prayed (Matthew 26).

Our challenge today requires a little help from a parent if one is available. What we're doing today is collecting potential donations for the Haymarket Food Pantry down the street from the church. I'm sure you have some of these items at home that you might be able to part ways with: https://haymarketfoodpantry.org/donate-food/

If you and a parent would like to safely go shopping for some of these items at the grocery store, that's all the better! Just make sure you run it by your parents and you aren't just raiding your food at home without them knowing. If you can, bring by any donations to the church to the bin in the entryway sometime during office hours (Tues-Fri 9:30-3) and we'll organize it to bring to the bank.

Day Four Conclusion