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Confirmation at Gainesville UMC

What does Confirmation look like?

At Gainesville UMC, confirmation is a semester-long class that meets once a week from January through May. We meet approximately 13 times, typically from 4pm-5:15pm on Sunday afternoons at GUMC, plus a confirmation retreat in April or May. The students are paired up with adult mentors from the congregation, who have a desire to get to know and help disciple our students on their faith journey. The class is taught by Pastor Sean and our Youth Director Bert - who in cooperation with the mentors - help the students understand and grasp the key elements of their faith as Christians, as well as basic United Methodist theology.


When is Confirmation?

The class begins with a luncheon for families, students and mentors in early January, and meets each following Sunday from 4:00pm-5:30pm (except some holiday and retreat weekends) with dinner served after. The full calendar will be available soon.

Confirmation Sunday will be June 9th, 2019. There will be a mandatory rehearsal & dinner at GUMC for families and students the night before on June 8th.


What is Confirmation?

Although confirmation is not a sacrament in The United Methodist Church, it is an important marker along our spiritual journeys.

At baptism, we are initiated into the new covenant in Jesus Christ and membership in the Church, Christ’s body in the world. For many, this happens when they are very young.

We recognize children are members of their human families, but no one expects them to clean their rooms or empty the dishwasher until much later. In the same way, “baptized infants are members of the Church—the family of faith—but are not yet capable of sharing everything involved in membership.” (By Water and the Spirit, The United Methodist Church’s official statement on baptism)

Confirmation is an opportunity to respond to the grace of God available to us, as acknowledged in baptism, and to promise to live as a person of faith. “What God offers us must be accepted in repentance and faith...confirmation and reaffirmation are our responses of commitment, profession of faith, and re-dedication.” (This Is Your Baptismal Liturgy)

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