What is Revive House Church?

Revive House Church is a group of people who love Jesus, love each other and are serious about living out their faith. We exist to see lives revived through authentic community focused on Jesus. Revive House Church is one church made up of a collection of house churches. Our model helps us to form a community of genuine and deep relationships, and keeps us focused on the heart of the Gospel,  loving God and loving people.

What Is A House Church?

Revive House Church is a different model of doing church. As the name implies, we will meet in homes. We will gather together once a week to worship God, build relationships, and share a meal. House church is not just about weekly gathering. Our house churches also commit to figuring out how to do life together. We will participate in a bible reading plan, disciple each other, and live missionally, in our neighborhoods, county, workplaces, and everyday life.