Church Council

The Church Council (formerly known as the Admin Council) is the umbrella committee of the church.  Each of the committees named below report to this group. They are the final authority for most governance decisions, including the church budget. The Council also functions as the liason between committees and church leadership, helping to streamline the process of running the church.

Chair - Garry Coleman

Church Treasurer - Stephanie Anderson
Council Secretary - Susan Schanzenbaker
Financial Secretary - Don Howell
Youth Member - Jacob O'Leary
Young Adult Member - Vincent Gorgone
Annual Conference Delegates - Sam McKeown and Alvin Dillings

Chairs of Committees:
Jason Benskin – Board of Directors
Sixto Naranjo - SPRC
Alan Myers – Finance
Alvin Dillings – Lay Leadership
OPEN – Missions
Maxine Sachs – Worship
Neal Emerald - Communications
Clarice Hillstrom - Membership

Church Staff:
John Patterson - Lead Pastor
Sean Gundry - Associate Pastor (Missions & Evangelism)
Bert Miller - Youth Director
Adam Ruggieri - Contemporary Worship Director
Janet Lunsford - Traditional Music Director
Renee Johnson & Carrie Lopacinski - Christian Education
Dan Skittrall & Becca Wimmer - Small Groups

The Church Council meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Youth Room - all meetings are open and members of the church are welcome to attend!