Quarterly Church Updates: summer 2023

Gainesville church vision

  • Our Vision - To empower people to experience a bold relationship with Jesus Christ
  • How are we getting there? - Demonstrating Generosity, Impacting our Community & Neighborhood, Building Genuine Relationships, Worshipping God with our Lives

Worship God With Our Lives

  • Attendance continues to increase...we added 166 new worshipers in April, 101 in May and 113 new worshipers in June!
  • 32 New professions of faith so far in 2023 (compared to 27 in all of 2022)
  • 25 New baptisms so far in 2023 (compared to 9 in all of 2022)
  • 38 New members so far in 2023 (compared to 21 in all of 2022)

build genuine relationships

  • 7 new adult small groups
  • 80 new people in small groups
  • 150+ kids in VBS this year!

impact our community & neighborhood

  • Sending our Youth on their mission trip in West Virginia for the week working on homes for those in need
  • VBS raising over $2000 and hundred of pounds of food for the Haymarket Food Pantry
  • Tutoring Program started for  Youth for Tomorrow Students
  • Ethiopia Missions set up 18 new filters = 8.2 Million liters of clean water over the next 30 years!

demonstrate generosity

  • Government subsidies are ending, therefore, we need to step up our giving to cover expenses & ministries
  • If everyone gave at least $300 a month we could reach our goals
  • If you are giving $300 or more, would you pray about increasing your giving

on our campus

facilities updates

  • We purchased a larger baptismal pool to accommodate an increase in full immersion baptisms
  • Needed repairs have been made to our fire supression pump system
  • Updates were made to our pastoral offices to accommodate our staffing changes & transition
  • Interior repairs were made to areas with water damage affected by the roof leaks that have now been stopped