Feeding Friends


Our Feeding Friends food truck ministry was born out of an idea in the summer of 2016, sparked into a dream through conversations that followed and made a reality through the generous support and prayers of the people of GUMC and the people of Western Prince William community.

The food truck ministry currently goes out twice per week, and in the first few months served more than 1,300 meals to our friends who are homeless in Western PWC. We can currently identify numerous camps in the Manassas, Gainesville, Haymarket areas, with more than 900 homeless persons residing in those camps. Approximately 60% of these people work 40+ hours per week, yet do not have the resources to get into permanent housing. More than 80% of them are locals, having graduated from PWC High Schools. They are our neighbors, relatives, family members and friends - and we are doing all we can to not just feed them, but to truly develop relationships with them and help get them the support and resources they need to get out of the camps and into permanent housing.

To view the current Spring/Summer 2018 Needs, click here:  Feeding Friends Camp List

For more information, or to connect with our Feeding Friends ministry, please contact the church office or like our Feeding Friends Facebook page.

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