Global Mission Projects

For decades, missions has been at the very heart of what Gainesville UMC is about and in that time we have sent hundreds of people out to be the hands and feet of Christ in the local community and around the region and the country. Beginning in 2017, we have expanded our reach into regular international mission opportunities all around the world. Check out the opportunities for global missions below, and if you are interested in being a part of these trips, please contact Pastor Sean.

Ethiopia Clean Water Project

This is the second year that we have sent team members to Ethiopia, working with the Ethiopia Clean Water Project to install and set up biosand water filtration systems, that provide up to 40 liters of clean water per day, for 30 years each. This year's trip is scheduled for July 5-15, and is full - however, if you're interested in going in 2019, let us know!

Medical Mission Trip - Honduras

This will be the fifth year that we have sent members to Honduras to be a part of the Friends of Barnabas project. In 2018, we will send four team members, including three professional nurses, to help provide basic healthcare to rural villagers, for whom, this may be the only medical care they get all year. They work with children and adults, and if you a medical professional and would like to be a part of this lifesaving mission and ministry in 2019, let us know.

Empowering Action - Dominican Republic

We began our partnership with EA in 2016, and sent our first team in 2017. We are currently exploring ways we can expand that partnership, to include construction teams, medical teams, education teams (teachers, etc.), and other specialists who can work with and help not only serve Dominicans, but who will partner with local professionals to help train and expand their own knowledge base so they can provide better service year-round.

Empowering Action is a non-profit, based out of Oakton, that has a unique, sustainable and successful mission model that does more than put a “band-aid” on a problem. EA works as a catalyst to make sure that the successes and lessons learned in each village are able to be implemented by the villages themselves to improve their quality of life beyond a simple building or short-term VBS-style camp.

EA’s goal is large-scale holistic, sustainable transformation of impoverished communities, in contrast to various other NGO’s that have a single area of focus. EA’s programs include: spiritual, educational, nutritional, physical, medical, and vocational programs. Their goal is to facilitate long-term development not merely provide short-term aid. EA is able to provide this multi-faceted approach as a result of serving as catalyst as opposed the direct implementer of its various programs. By collaborating and coordinating with international and in-country development organizations and institutions EA is able to initiate mutually beneficial relationships to address the immediate and long-term needs of the poor. EA’s focus on leadership development, not merely program execution, ensures long-term sustainability and facilitates capacity building.